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Thursday, Oct 7
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Virtual Panel
95 attending

The Ambassador Sessions - Colorado Investment Ecosystem

The DSW Ambassador program is going virtual in 2021 with three great sessions highlighting information for people interested in the Colorado startup ecosystem.

This session, hosted by Adam Burrows from Range Ventures, will delve into what it looks like to raise money and build companies in Colorado from seed to Series A and beyond.

Featuring investors from some of the top VC funds actively investing in Colorado startups:
Andy Jenks, Drive Capital
Kira Noodleman, Bee Partners
Jaclyn Hester, Foundry Group

Kira Noodleman
Jaclyn Freeman Hester
Andy Jenks
Hybrid Events for 2021
Starting 5 minutes before a session is live, use the link below to join the live studio audience. If a session fills up, you can also check it out on YouTube Live, embedded below.
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