2021 Schedule

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Tuesday, Oct 5
9:00am — 10:00am
Virtual Panel
318 attending

Branding - Sales Jet Fuel

Branding – Sales Jet Fuel - You may have the best outreach system going but without clear, cohesive, engaging branding, - Sales Jet Fuel - many businesses fizzle and fall. Sales = Branding + Outreach. You will be introduced to the four essential quadrants of Brand Mapping: 1) Finding True North;2) Defining your ideal Crowd/Proxy Customer 3) Building Brand Assets and Tools 4) and the 4 Essential types of Messaging.
Take-aways include: Actionable ideas for your own brand; A transcript of Jet Fuel “Must haves…”; and an e-version of the 124 page book “Genius Simple Branding”.

Sara Cuthbert & Ashley Weldon
Ashley Weldon
Andy Cleary
John Stavola
Cody Cleary
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