2021 Schedule

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Monday, Oct 4
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
170 attending

Startup and Scaleup boards: building the most diverse and effective board

Whether you are a first time founder forming and building out your board or a seasoned venture backed CEO, you can probably be thinking more strategically about your board. An impactful, diverse board of directors can be your secret weapon as your company grows. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Board building best practices
  • What qualifications you should look for (or overlook) in an independent and why they are crucial
  • How to interview, incentivize, and manage your board members
  • How to broach difficult but important conversations like making room for new board members

Fiona Tang, Co-founder Him For Her

Matt Blumberg, CEO at Bolster, Independent board member with 20+ years of CEO experience
Jaclyn Hester, Partner at Foundry Group, Investor on 5+ boards as member/observer
Emily Rollins Independent Board Director at DolbyLabs [NYSE: DLB] and Xometry; Retired, Audit & Assurance Partner, Deloitte

Laura Gluhanich
Fiona Tang
Jaclyn Freeman Hester
Matt blumberg
Micah Mador
Emily Rollins
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