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Monday, Oct 4
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Virtual Panel
463 attending

What Investors are Actually Thinking

This session will feature serial startup founder Scott Brown and his team as they discuss the neuroscience behind successfully pitching to investors and present live neurological data of our panel on screen in real-time!

Imagine leaving an investor meeting and knowing exactly how great it went. And what action they will take! After 20+ years of neuroscience research, Scott and his team discovered the neurological state of Immersion that predicts outcomes with over 80% accuracy. That science helps determine exactly how and what to say to inspire action in your audience. Including investors! As a nine time startup founder, Scott uniquely knows how to apply this information to a successful pitch strategy in an investor meeting.

On stage, Scott will feature a panel of investors whose brains will be measured in real-time as we project the results to the audience. The audience will watch brain states ebb and flow on screen and learn as we test myriad methods of pitching and talk through the most successful - and cringeworthy -things startups do in a pitch.

Attendees will walk away with a science-based understanding of what makes a successful pitch, including tangible tips that will make us all better in the pitch room!

Matt Harris
Amy Kruse
Ariel Jaduszliwer

Arlynn Memsic
Sebastian Jimenez
Vanessa Clark
Alison Romer
Ariel Jaduszliwer
Amy Kruse
Matt Harris
Scott Brown
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