2021 Schedule

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Friday, Oct 8
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Social event
65 attending

Get #dorkdancing for mental health

COVID19 inspired a mental health crisis. Dancing like a dork is something that can help during stressful times: it’s important to not forget about our mental health and create moments of joy. In this session you will participate in a basic warmup, learning how to Dork Dance with strangers and friends alike. WARNING: You will be dancing like a dork! After letting loose, you will be invited to preview an early edit of a Dork Dancing Documentary, ask questions about the concept/ campaign and bring #dorkdancing for mental health to the streets of Denver, so you too can continue with this practice and promote good mental health in your community. You can learn more at www.dorkdancing.com

Hybrid Events for 2021
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