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Wednesday, Oct 6
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
133 attending

STRONGER TOGET(HER): Like a bat out of hell: Growing a fledgling, women-led startup into a multi-million dollar revenue company during the pandemic

Proov, the leader in at-home ovulation confirmation testing, in only a few short years from a company out of an Erie, Colorado basement to a market leader during the pandemic. The presenters, including scientist/founder/CEO Amy Beckley PhD, CMO Ellen Schell and CTO/Patent Lawyer Jeff Schell will discuss their varied experiences leading to their successes. The incredible journey involved converting a product sold out of a plastic baggie into an industry leading brand, building (and breaking) partnerships with manufacturers, doctors, and the Target retail chain, expanding into Europe, and navigating the challenges associated with a husband and wife being two of the three co-founders working at home with kids. Learn more about the Proov product and team at http://www.proovtest.com

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Anne Henderson
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