2021 Schedule

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Tuesday, Oct 5
5:00pm — 6:00pm
Virtual Social event
160 attending

100 Women Talking Money: Startup Edition

Money Talks....and so should we!

In this interactive session, you’ll have five 1:1 money conversations with other women. We all have something to learn, and we all have something to share.

At the start of each of the money conversations, you’ll be given three conversation starter prompts, and you take it from there. You’ll get to ask questions, share experiences, and go more in-depth with the conversation.

It’s our goal that you will exchange contact information and keep the conversations going beyond the event.

Sample conversation starters include:
What is your first memory of money?
What would you do if you earned a $1 million investment?
What were the best investments you made in your business/career?
How has your money mindset evolved working in the startup world?
What are the biggest priorities you see in compensation packages?
How have you celebrated financial milestones?
Where have you found to be safe places to ask financial questions?

This is a judgment-free zone. We welcome women wherever they are in their financial journey.

Hybrid Events for 2021
Starting 5 minutes before a session is live, use the link below to join the live studio audience. If a session fills up, you can also check it out on YouTube Live, embedded below.
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