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Friday, Sep 18
8:30am — 9:00am
Virtual Individual Presentation
319 attending

Using Personal Power, Self-Healing, and Ordinary Magic in a Time of Transformation

Are you looking for ways to anchor, root, and cleanse your energies during this time of transition? Our world has been rocked with so much change and transformation in the past year, and taking care of our bodies and souls is essential. In this session, Christine Battista will lead you through a self-healing meditation/energy scan to help you get in touch with your own energy currents while helping you learn about your chakra system and the ways you can release any negativity or stagnation that could be blocking your own personal channel.

As an intuitive, and energy worker, she will also offer a brief divinatory reading for the month of September to give some insight on larger, collective vibes & offer some resourceful modalities for navigating these dynamic energies. Using that information, Christine will then teach a ritual self-healing you can do on your own as a way to root into the healing message, utilizing your own power and intuition. There are so many magical materials available to us in our homes: from pantry items to herbs to candles and teas, to our home gardens, plants, and trees, we have a plethora of ordinary magic available to us. We just have to learn how to use them. Our ancestors knew how to work with their natural environments to thrive and we, too, can manifest our desires to help promote healing, wellness, protection, abundance, and so much more. I will show you one of the many ways you can do this on your own by simply using the materials you have in your home.

The first 20 people to sign up for this session will receive a personally curated intention jar customized with healing stones, herbs, and oils for use in your home.

If you are interested in working with Christine, send her an email at shadowmoonhealing@gmail.com.

Follow @shadowmoonhealing on Instagram for regular updates.

Check out shadowmoonhealing.com for more information on Christine's session.

Anyone who shows up to this session will receive a 20% off promo code for Shadow Moon Healing services.

About Christine Battista:

Christine Battista, PhD is an Associate Professor of English and has spent the last 17 years teaching, coaching, and empowering students to develop their skills and talents through writing and creative expression. She has published extensively on women’s literature, specifically focusing on the relationship between female agency, trauma, and the environment. Only recently has she begun to merge her academic world with her personal passions, and she is now working to help her clients develop their own self-healing modalities through readings, energy work, and ritual healings. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve self-agency and empowerment through her readings, coaching, and instructive healing work.

Christine Battista
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