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Monday, Sep 14
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Panel
212 attending

How to improve diversity in your dev team: hire, grow, and leverage bootcamp graduates. It’s not that hard, we promise.

For years development and organizational leaders have been saying they value and need more diversity on their development teams, but for most organizations there’s only been a marginal improvement at best.

It's been too long that junior engineers have not been taken seriously. Bootcamp graduates have chosen to upend their life to pivot into a development career. These are people who have committed themselves and their resources to become developers at great sacrifice. They often come from other industries that can add value to their perspective when building software and collaborating with a team.

Bootcamp graduates walk out the door with hands-on experience coding, building, collaborating with others. They are trained to be resourceful and seek out answers. Managers who see junior developers as requiring too much hand holding are being shortsighted.

Junior developers bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm, coding abilities and an eagerness to roll up their sleeves and grow.

The benefits of building a well-rounded development team that includes junior developers are many:

  • Bootcamp grads are career-pivoters. They bring a maturity, additional skills and experience, and a fresh perspective to your team
  • Bootcamp graduates are often more diverse, and come from diverse backgrounds, than typical graduates with a traditional CS degree
  • Coaching and mentoring junior developers provides opportunities for mid-level and senior engineers to grow their leadership skills
  • Junior developers can take on some of the manual load while learning the code base and building their skills and experience

If you truly want to build and grow a team of diverse talent, it is required you be willing to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds. That means being open to hiring developers from bootcamps.

Join us in this session as we discuss how you can recruit, qualify, hire and grow bootcamp graduates.

Scott Bowman
Ingrid Alongi
Evan Hung
Conor Swanson
Dave Mayer
Alison Daley
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