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Thursday, Sep 17
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
254 attending

Real talk: You are perpetuating bias with your technical interview process. Do these things instead.

The latest numbers on demographics in the tech industry show that despite millions of dollars being allocated to driving diversity, most technical teams and companies are predominantly white, male and young (average age 29).

We’re not going to go into the data on the benefits that a diverse team delivers, we trust you at least understand intellectually why you need to have a representative team building your products and services.

What we need you to realize is that until you redesign how you build your team you are going to continue to tread water in the same homogeneity levels your team is now. We can all do better - let’s learn from the folks who’ve successfully revamped their interview processes and have built diverse technical teams.

This session is for anyone in the technical hiring process: Development Managers and Team Leads, Technical Recruiters and anyone in leadership.

Though your team and organization may have the intention to improve the diversity on your technical team, your hiring practices are likely thwarting any real progress toward that goal. By maintaining the same interview process you’ve used for years, you are perpetuating bias that maintains preference for young white males while alienating everyone else. It’s no wonder tech’s diversity numbers have not improved despite the professed desire to do otherwise.

In order to get new outputs, you need to create new inputs.

Join us for a learning session on how to orient your recruiting and interviewing processes to deliver a fair, equitable evaluation process that is welcoming to technical talent of every stripe.

Hear from experienced dev managers and technical recruiters about the best practices they’ve leveraged to hire exceptional talent in a timely fashion that is representative of our diverse population.


  • Kathy Keating, CTO at TextUs
  • Joe Thurman, CEO at interviewIA
  • Derek Johnson, Head of Global Talent at Prologis


  • Alycia Trujillo, Technical Recruiter at Gorilla Logic


  • Alison Daley, CEO at Recruiting Innovation
Joe Thurman
Kathy Keating
Derek Johnson
Alycia Trujillo
Dave Mayer
Conor Swanson
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