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Monday, Sep 14
6:00pm — 6:15pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
51 attending

DSW Blitz: Big Lessons, Lightning Fast | Extending Your Runway: SmartScaling your business

Runway is something constantly on a founder's mind. Regardless of if you’re bootstrapping or funded, managing burn rate and watching runway is essential to pre- and post-revenue businesses.

As your business grows towards break-even and becomes profitable and/or cash flow positive the concern shifts to the next challenge, which is scale. Managing how you scale, continuing to innovate, maintaining growth and momentum are all serious considerations and management challenges.

Of course all of this occurs with, through and because of people. Humans are the resource that most directly impact all of those things and ultimately the success or failure of your business. But even this part is not without challenge. Getting the right talent, at the right time at the right price for your business is difficult, mistakes are expensive and can have lasting impacts.

Thankfully today’s founders have many options that can significantly increase runway, drastically improve scale, while also allowing them to capture the tremendous advantages of racial, ethnicity and gender diversity.

The goal is to create the maximum advantage for your company while derisking costs and negative impacts. Founders should attend this session to understand the alternatives to traditional staffing models. We will explore tradeoffs and advantages you can create for you company

We’ll first define runway and scale then move on to a “10min MBA” where we break runway and scale into a few simple pieces. Lastly we’ll explore options and models to address and reduce the biggest cost drivers, extending your runway, reducing your risks, and improving the advantages you are stacking in your company's favor.

Olivia Omega
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