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Tuesday, Sep 15
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Virtual Workshop
213 attending

How 4 Companies are Impacting 40 & 50+ Women

Women 40+ startup 1,220 businesses a day. Women startup 53% of side hustles and of nearly 3|4 are women over 40. People 45-65 switch careers at least two times. Career, entrepreneurship, and life doesn't come to a halt at 45, 51, or even 63. Until recently, centralized resources and support for this demo were practically non-existent. SecondActWomen, Reboot Accel, Creageless, and SheFactor are filling that void and launched communities that double as landing and launching pads for entrepreneurs, corporate types, and social connectors to thrive in middlescence and build bridges between generations.

With you as the 4th Panelist, we're giving you 360-degree engagement filled with best practices and an informative discussion underscoring the power and importance of niche communities. By sharing lessons learned and useful tools and resources we’ve used to develop our communities, you'll leave with practical and proven tips, ideas, and even a worksheet to help successfully build [or amplify] your community.

Leave with homework, resources, and tools to build your own community at work, with clients or your membership.

Barbara Brooks (53), Founder of SecondActWomen & Guadalupe Hirt (47), Co-Founder of Denver-based SecondActWomen | An IRL and virtual business and life services company for women 40 & 50+.

Diane Flynn (57), Founder of Reboot Accel (Silicon Valley-based) | A community to assist women over 40 resume careers by getting them current, connected, and confident.

Eddie Prentiss (54), Founder of Creageless (Indiana-based) | An online community for the over 40 creative crowds to connect, learn, and grow.

Heidi Ganahl (53), Founder of Denver-based companies, SheFactor and Camp BowWow | A digital and live platform created with her daughter in 2018 to help young women create a life they love!

Olivia Omega
Barbara Brooks
Heidi Ganahl
Eddie Prentiss
Diane Flynn
Nikki Aiello
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