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Tuesday, Sep 15
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Virtual Panel
193 attending

Of Privilege and Obligation: The Role of White Entrepreneurs in Transforming White Supremacy

If you are a white entrepreneur reading this message, chances are that you're committed to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world.

For those who identify as white and entrepreneur, it's time to get real about responsibility. Responsibility for growing businesses in ways that empower rather than oppress. Responsibility for personal work, reflection and reparations. Responsibility and intentionality while operating inside oppressive systems (i.e. capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy).

If your experience is like ours, you've had a hard time finding a clear path to how you can use your business as a tool to move the needle in the fight against systemic racism. At the Kite + Dart Group, we've been working to move from allies to accomplices in the fight against white supremacy for years, and we’d like to share some of what we’ve learned.

Join a diverse panel of entrepreneurs and consultants to hear how you can use your business as a tool to transform and work against white supremacy. We will discuss anti-racism, anti-oppression, reparations and what this personal before professional work looks like. We’ll examine how you can use your business to move from ally to accomplice and join a movement of business owners out to transform white supremacy.

We hope you'll join us. Click the link below to register.

Our Panelists:
Sydney Jackson-Clockston
Sydney is an impact-driven social entrepreneur bringing transformation into the lives of others. Sydney is a Transformative Professional Coach, Public Speaker, and Event/Retreat Coordinator. As the Owner and Founder of Citrine UnlimitedLLC. Sydney works with heart-centered and impact-driven individuals. Sydney currently consults with The Kite + Dart Group, sits on the Guided by Humanity Board, and is a Summit Guide for Colorado Young Leaders.

Jenny Medrano
As Program Manager of Building Bridges, Jenny has worked with multiple organizations, businesses and schools in the form of both a consultant and coach. She is skilled in strategic planning and curriculum design of DEI development within organizations, and also in the interpersonal development of staff teams and their leadership. She has experience in coaching individual staff members and leaders through their racial identity process and moving them deeper into allyship or advocacy. Jenny received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Wheaton College in Illinois.

Maren Johanna Miller
Maren is a former art teacher, turned artist, reiki practitioner, consultant, coach and facilitator. She is passionate, driven and committed to the work of racial and educational equity, as well as critical self-development and healing. She wants to empower humans, to be conscious, reflective change makers. She desires to work with humans who have the will to look inward and view the world through a critical and restorative racial lens for the betterment of self, but also for the greater good of all.

Karen Bartlett
Karen is an educator, activist, business strategist and leadership coach. She's committed to using her understanding of people’s relationship to the work they do as a means to support them in increasing the impact they’re having. As a partner at the Kite + Dart Group, Karen works with entrepreneurial activists to help them grow their businesses in ways that are aligned with their commitments, and as the founder of Ascension Energetics, she supports innovative educational leaders with decreasing stress so they can lead with more intention and clarity. In both ventures, Karen leverages her 25 years of experience in education, business and nonprofit activism.

Nate Ishe Lappegaard
Nate is the Founder of Kite + Dart Group, a group of business strategists supporting non-traditional entrepreneurs. Self-described as the most reluctant entrepreneur in the room, Nate started Kite + Dart to curate a community of entrepreneurial activists: people committed to using their business to affect change. He’d always had a head for business, but the traditional model of entrepreneurship—one based in sexism, racism, and white supremacy—didn’t appeal to him. Finding himself [entangled] in the business world, Nate used the opportunity to break the old system and build a new one. As a business strategist, he supports entrepreneurs interested in leading with their values, inclusivity, and transformation. Learn more at kiteanddartgroup.com.

Olivia Omega
Sydney Jackson-Clockston
Jenny Medrano
Maren Johanna Miller
Karen Bartlett
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