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Wednesday, Sep 16
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Panel
168 attending

Why Every Product Needs an Accessibility Champion

Every publicly available software product could be used by a person with disabilities, yet there are may product managers and developers out there that have no idea what web accessibility is!

Learn what it takes to become an accessibility champion and why it is important.

This panel will highlight the importance of inclusion through accessibility in software development.

Learn from our panelists:

Eric Ellis (she/her) - Erica leads the Inclusive Research + Design team at Workday. Her work is grounded in human-centered design and continuously aims to create equitable experiences for everyone. She uses Research + Design to address issues like oppression, exclusion, and bias. Whether the solution is a product, service, or process, it will be driven by ethics, empathy, human behavior, and the inclusion of diverse perspectives. When Erica is not working, you'll probably find her outdoors, enjoying her beautiful Rocky Mountain “backyard."

Jill Bobrick (she/her) - As Head of Product at Concept3D, Jill’s day to day requires managing features and improvements to Concept3D's GIS platform and frontend mapping and tour products. Through working with Higher Education clients, Jill quickly learned how critical an inclusive experience in products is and worked to adopt an "accessibility first" development environment and company culture. She is a Colorado native, a proud CU Boulder alum (Go Buffs), and is always eager to learn new technologies and keep up with the ever-changing accessibility landscape.

Florence Lee (she/her) - Florence is a product designer at ITHAKA, working on JSTOR.org, a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. In addition to her role as a designer, she also serves as the accessibility manager, championing web accessibility within the organization and recently hired a web accessibility lead to help product teams with their day to day needs. In her spare time, she is often drawing, tending to her small plants, and biking around the neighborhood.​

Crystal Preston Watson (she/her) - Crystal is a quality and accessibility engineer at Salesforce.org. She believes that accessibility is a human right and passionate about building accessible and inclusive applications for everyone. Outside of work you can find her watching historical documentaries, taking photos for her cats’ Instagram profiles and generally getting really weird with life.

Soren Hamby (they/them) - Soren is a UXer living in the NYC metro. They most recently have been spending their time doing design community outreach at InVision’s Design Advocate. They also host a livestream about UX, accessibility, and inclusion called Feature Disabled and write about UX for Modus, UX Planet, and UX Collective. Otherwise, you can find them eating large amounts of plants and making poems about space, loss, and inequality.

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Crystal Preston-Watson
Soren Hamby
Florence Lee
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Crystal Preston-Watson
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