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Wednesday, Sep 16
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
280 attending

How to Transition Into and Grow in Product Management

So you want to get into product management? Good! It is a great place to be.

Come join us for a lightning talk from Nupur Jain, Product Manager from Google, on how to break into product management and grow from your career in product.

We will cover:

  • What skills are most needed in Product Management
  • How to take on product management responsibilities in your current role
  • What resources to take advantage of to grow your skills
  • What a day-in-the-life of a PM looks like
  • Core competencies needed to thrive a a PM leader

If you are looking to make a transition into product management, or are in your first role ready to take on more responsibility, this session is for you. Join us!

Nupur Jain is a Product Manager for YouTube Video Ads, where she focuses on ensuring our advertisers have the best experience safely across our product portfolio. She also co-founded Help your Peers, a platform that connects professionals in product and program managers with those whose employment has been impacted due to Covid-19. The platform has been able connect ~1000 candidates with more than 200 mentors. Nupur started her career in Security and Identity Management in retail and then eventually worked as a business analyst for a specialty insurance firm syndicated under Lloyd’s of London.

Nupur Jain
Ryan Margoles
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