2020 Schedule

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Friday, Sep 18
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Virtual Panel
129 attending

The Westwood Revolution: How One of the Largest Community-Led Urban Agriculture Programs in the U.S. Created a Self-Sustaining Startup Ecosystem

How do you build an economy from the ground up? That is the story of the predominantly Hispanic Westwood neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Denver. Non-profit Re:Vision began planting (literal) seeds in the community to tackle food access through backyard gardens owned by residents. The program has generated over 75,000 pounds of organically grown produce, a thriving culinary incubator for entrepreneurs, a local grocery store, and a community space for local artists, including classes and events. This investment sparked a movement of innovative start-up activity. Our panel brings four dynamic community members together to share their story of creating resilient communities and an economic hub for the neighborhood.

Edwin Sandoval
Damaris Ronkanen
JoAnna Cintron
Rosalyn Darling
Dina Paz
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