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Tuesday, Sep 17
10:00am — 11:30am
215 attending

Pitching your Product with Purpose

Brick and mortar vs online is always a hot topic for retailers and product based companies alike, but one thing is for sure: a great guest experience, regardless of your platform strategy, will always win. How do you go about curating an assortment that speaks directly to your target audience? What are the best ways to ensure that your product stands out on a shelf and makes an impact? Wondering the best way to even get your foot in the door with that cool indie shop down the street? At the end of the day, which strategy is the best for getting your product in the hands of the consumer?

Join this panel discussion to learn more about how to build relationships with retailers, pitching your product with purpose and how to best support them in selling your product and have them jumping in line for a re-order. The panel will feature perspectives from a retail buyer and store owner, all weighing in on how to create a conscious guest experience that will leave them impacted in a way that they naturally want to help spread the word and keep them coming back for more.

Shenna Richardson // Vision Advisor, Launch Leader & Content Creator
Kimi Uno // Owner, Howl Mercantile & Coffee

Location TBA

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