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Tuesday, Sep 17
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Capital One Café
411 attending

Business for Good: Building Brands that Shake the World

Are you an idea creator or world shaker looking for impactful ways to use business for good? What if you could co-create a company-wide movement with the potential for greater social — and business — impact?

In this engaging and interactive workshop, we’ll explore the benefits of having a responsible brand while learning how to build and maintain a brand of purpose and integrity.

Many organizations—businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies alike—share- or say they share the desire to make the world better, but social responsibility goes beyond philanthropy and volunteering and we know that curating a public image of social purpose is not enough. Whether it’s ending poverty, reducing inequalities or tackling climate change, today’s consumers expect a lot from the brands they support.

This event will introduce you to the the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), a key differentiator and competitive advantage for responsible brands. By attending this session you will develop a better understanding of how your organization can align business strategies and operations with the global goals in order to maximize positive impact.