2019 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Spire Digital
193 attending

Navigating the World of Accessibility

It starts with a lot of questions: Is my website accessible? If 1% of my users are blind do I need to build my site to help them? Which level of WCAG compliance should we meet? What if my brand colors don't pass an accessible color checker? I have no idea if my site is accessible, where do I start? What is accessible design? Is accessible design important or is it just a fad? HELP!

We are here to simplify this process and hand off the research and strategies we've created to help companies build for everyone. We'll discuss how to start and what to look out for when building and improving a product. As designers, we have the responsibility to design for everyone, no matter their abilities or situation. Let's create a more accessible web, together.

Becky Pierson, UX Product Owner

Alex Osterman, Product Designer

Stick around for:
3pm: Developer Track session: Game of Thrones Guide to RSA Encryption
4pm: Designer Track Session: Doing Good with Design Thinking: The Threequel
5pm: Hummus, Hops, and Haters Happy Hour