2019 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 18
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
244 attending

Startup Cribs – People Reveal Space, Culture & Why Denver

Startup Cribs Denver revitalizes its traditional path in Founders to embrace People in its 7th consecutive year at Denver Startup Week! People brings an excitingly new perspective, narrating insight on space, location, culture, momentum and why it all matters! We invite you to join us in the experience – Hear from 4 Executive Startup Leaders - Shahana Wyss with HomeAdvisor, Kyle Sherman with Flowhub, Taylor Brown with Fivetran, and Christopher W. Cabrera with Xactly - as they share intel on space hurdles and victories, the play of place, cultural consciousness and why designate Denver – See dedicated short films, a premier viewing not only for you but our Leaders as well, showcasing the space and culture of their cribs – Connect with our leaders in an audience-engaged town hall discussion, an opportunity to seek out the exclusive on what workplace signifies to them.