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Wednesday, Sep 18
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
227 attending

Too Many Cooks: Building Products When Everyone's Your Customer

Transforming a complex industry? Your impact will be huge, but there's a reason it needs disruption - siloed stakeholders, backwards incentives, and decades of bad behavior. And you can't do it on your own - you'll need strategic partners to fill technology or sales gaps. Now you have a long list of people to keep happy, even if they're completely not aligned.

This panel will explore how some of Denver's fastest growing companies have found focus and balance when everyone's their customer. You'll get best practices to hone in on what your customers really want, how to invest your time, and just say no.

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Confirmed Speakers:

Shawna Barnhart (RE/MAX)
Meg Howe (Strava)
Lindsay Hunt (Maxwell)
Louis Levine (Apostrophe)