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Thursday, Sep 18
11:00am — 12:30pm
504 attending

Accounting and Financial Statements 101 for Entrepreneurs

Profits as owners are better than wages as employees, but few new owners have an optimal understanding of how to manage the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements with maximum impact.

Learn the basics in this workshop.

Even if you have a good handle on your financials this session will surprise you with a refreshing perspective on the basics and leave you more empowered to improve the financial health of your business and take home income. Stop spinning your wheels and get traction.

We will start with an intro to financial statements and move on to a brief discussion on managing cash flow and making business decisions using financial reports. You will learn the value of reporting beyond what a bookkeeper or accounting uses to prepare a tax return. We will also discuss cash flow and why it's so critical to smaller businesses, and how to make sense of methods to manage it. Following will be extensive Q&A so come prepared with your business-specific questions.

New entrepreneurs as well as owners and managers who wish to familiarize themselves with these financial basics are encouraged to attend.