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Thursday, Sep 18
1:00pm — 2:30pm
Ping Identity
308 attending

Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit: IPOs and Acquisitions

In 2013, 28 Colorado companies generated $2.236 billion in exits. What’s your exit strategy and why do you need one? Smart, savvy – and yes, serial – entrepreneurs have a plan for cultivating their business and readying it for an IPO or acquisition so they can move on to their next (ad)venture. Hear from founders and executives from Gnip, Rally Software, Mercury Payment Systems and iTriage about how they built and strengthened businesses attractive enough to lead to some of the Rocky Mountain region’s most noteworthy IPOs and acquisitions. More and more successful exits in Colorado attract more outside interest from companies and VCs. Come learn from some of Colorado’s biggest success stories and improve your company’s chance of a successful exit.

Ryan Martens - Rally Software
Jud Valeski - Gnip
Jim Greiner - iTriage
Randy Clark - Mercury Payment Systems