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Wednesday, Sep 18
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Denver Place (Conference Room)
178 attending

Are you really ready for serverless?

We're all excited about serverless, and with good reason- in the right environment, it can help reduce cloud spend and get your product to market quickly. But what if your team is already in production, and you're interested in going serverless? The challenge of a move to serverless is determining if your team has the practices and skill to embrace it. For many teams with existing applications and standard deployments, the path to embracing serverless can be murky and challenging. The goal of this talk is to provide you with the tools to temper enthusiasm about moving to serverless with pragmatic analysis and application, and help you understand the subtleties of what such a shift entails. We will analyze opportunities to migrate some of your current and legacy applications to serverless architectures, and we'll also investigate how to plan for larger shifts, without having to completely disrupt your applications.