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Thursday, Sep 27
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
176 attending

How 5G is Going to Change Your World

Launching a web app? A new “as a service” business? IoT solution? No matter what your startup, odds are you rely on 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology. So exactly what is 5G? How will it drive more innovation and more startup opportunities? Who are the players who will usher in this exciting new era? What kind of technology and communications infrastructure is required? What can we realistically expect, and when? How can your company take advantage of the higher speeds and lower latency that it brings? Join us for a compelling conversation on the technology behind the coming transformation.

Dennis Kyle, Zayo

Dennis Kyle is responsibile for Zayo’s fiber business across the western U.S. and Canada. Previous roles at Zayo include Sales and Marketing positions where he had global responsibility for Zayo’s growth objectives across several vertical sectors. Prior to rejoining Zayo in 2015, Dennis held leadership positions at two successful Silicon Valley funded startups in the IoT and Connected Devices space. He has more than 25 years of leadership experience in technology and communications. Dennis has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University as well as MBA and MA in Development Economics from Stanford University.