2018 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
General Assembly (Classroom 1)
175 attending

The Intimidation-Free Guide to Web Development

Each year it gets harder to participate in the tech industry without a solid understanding of web development. Maybe you’ve tried to learn, but always hit a wall and had to admit defeat. You’d like to know more, but you’re not sure where to start. This is because coding is hard, right? Right?
Coding is complex, but when explain correctly, it doesn’t have to be hard. Join Development Instructor Nick Anderson as he walks through the basics of web dev, and how you can start down a path towards competence. Having taught over 100 normal people how to develop - from professional bodybuilders to former country musicians - Nick will break down the intimidating world of Web Dev one concept at a time. He’ll discuss simple ways to begin learning, using relatable metaphors and real-world analogs. Together you’ll step through the most common beginner questions like:

  • What languages should I learn first - and how do I do that?
  • What is ‘full stack’?
  • How would I even approach making a website?
  • How can I talk about development without sounding like an idiot?

Nick will also break down common misconceptions such as:

  • “Only smart people can code”
  • “You have to be young to learn programming”
  • “Development takes an innate, unlearnable skill”
  • “You not a real developer if _______”

Finally, we’ll discuss movements inside the dev world that are pushing for more inclusivity, and dismantling the previous gate-keeping mentality that’s keep thousands of qualified people from learning to code.