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Friday, Sep 28
2:00pm — 3:30pm
INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd)
343 attending

Unconventional: Résumé Tips, Strategies and Samples for Creatives, Contractors & Entrepreneurs

Your ideas, your product, and your business are brilliant but is your résumé? Come hear what the World’s Best Resume Writer(TM) has to say about getting jobs for creative professionals and entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley career coach and résumé savant, Cliff Flamer, knows how to overcome any work history challenge, particularly those that show up in the résumés of innovators and trailblazers. He’s ready to share his secrets (as well as his résumés).

Learn how to:
--Explain a startup venture – failed or thriving
--Break down your accomplishments as CEO/founder
--Impress Investors with your unconventional trajectory
--Showcase your ad-hoc consulting gigs, coherently
--Make the leap from contract to full-time work (or vice versa)
--Downplay your ‘day jobs’ without leaving gaps
--Attract a cush corporate job

Cliff’s résumés will spark inspiration. You’ll begin to remove roadblocks and immediately feel like you can get wherever you’re going next.

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