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Tuesday, Sep 25
1:00pm — 2:30pm
Woods Boss Brewing Company
361 attending

Better Together: How Freelance Creatives Can Win

The freelance creative life can be isolating and technical, with freelancers relying on limited resources to build their business.

How can freelancers organize to create systems that better meet their needs? The potential is huge—from purchasing software or equipment together, to forming buying clubs for insurance and other benefits, to even building a referral network for more efficient gig pipelines.

This 1.5 hour adaptive workshop will narrow in on how to create the conditions for trust and collaboration among freelancers and how to practically start cooperating. We’ll take the first steps in the ongoing, iterative process of building a freelance worker community and imagine new possibilities of collaboration.

Whether you are a freelancer yourself or a startup or growth-stage entrepreneur who works with freelancers, this session will inspire you with new ideas of how to better sustain your work and create a more resilient ecosystem for Denver freelancers.

Paul Bindel, Legendary Ltd.
Katie Falkenberg, Good Good Work
Drew Hornbein, Good Good Work