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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 11:30am
Larimer Social
888 attending

Brand Storytelling

Long gone are the days where a product or service can succeed on its features and benefits alone. As the world becomes more global, increasingly connected, and information is traded at the speed of light, consumers have become savvy and critical of brands. Today’s consumer demands that your products or services have meaning, depth, and purpose. In order for people to buy, there must be a compelling brand story. Every action we take (or don’t take) communicates our brand story out to the world and our customers. In this interactive panel, we will discuss how to create experiential brand stories in both physical and digital marketplaces. We’ll share our insider secrets on what makes a great brand story that translates into big sales and what stories will scare your customers away.

Marc Gutman
Jacqueline Bonanno
Mike Arzt
Liora Dudar

Hosted by:
EO Colorado
Bonanno Concepts