2018 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 26
5:00pm — 7:00pm
ChopHouse & Brewery Denver
366 attending

Denver Founders Network, Sponsored by NextFifty Initiative

For almost ten years, Denver Founders Network has brought the Denver Startup Community together every month for thoughtful conversations with some of the smartest and most accomplished founders in Colorado. Join us for this celebration of the Denver Startup Community from the original Denver Startup Meetup.

This year's event features Perry Evans, founder of many companies including Mapquest, Jabber, Local Matters and Closely!

Perry Evans is a Colorado-based, Canadian bred, entrepreneur obsessed with the transformation of local marketing.

Perry is currently president ThriveHive, a leading brand in small and mid-sized business marketing solutions company. Evans is responsible for charting an expansive vision and plan for product development, partner development, and go to market strategies. Perry is joined the company in November of 2017 when Denver-based technology company, Closely, was acquired by ThriveHive. Closely’s award-winning app, Perch, has been integrated into ThriveHive’s digital marketing offerings. Evans hails from an impressive roster of innovative companies like Mapquest, Jabber, and Local Matters