Makers Making a Difference
Thursday 9/27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
9 attending

For some makers, the final product is just another tool to help them make something even better. From employing people who are excluded from the workforce to helping refugees rebuild their lives, this session features four stories from makers who are building businesses to make a difference. Come and be inspired and then explore how your product can make a difference too.


Moderator: Adam Melnick and/or Nathan Havey

  1. Bill Morris: CEO Blue Star Recyclers
  2. James Ruder: L&R Pallet
  3. Meghan French Dunbar, CEO Conscious Company Media

Audience engagement: Adam Melnick and/or Nathan Havey will lead an exercise to help attendees see how they can leverage their business to make money and meaning.

Location TBA