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Wednesday, Sep 26
10:00am — 11:30am
WeWork The Lab
105 attending

DACA Recipients and Immigrants Launching Businesses

Join us for this important topic. As a startup community, we all should understand and acknowledge the struggles and perseverance of immigrant founders and what it really takes for them to startup.

Come to learn what the immigrant experience taught our panelists about starting a company, and discuss what role the undocumented community can have in changing policy and changing the conversation.

During this session, the panel will share their immigration stories and talk about what being a recipient of DACA means and what immigrants do to launch a business. We'll cover the steps taken to successfully maneuver through the legal system and obtaining a business license all while being immigrants.

This session is geared towards dismantling the stigma of immigrants and to bring to the forefront the contributions that immigrants bring to our local small business sector.

Moderator: Alejandro Flores - Owner - Unum Sunglasses

Victor Galvan - Owner - Hermosa Pero Venenosa
Irma Diaz - Mujeres Emprendedoras
Ciela Rocha - Ciela Hair Studios
Henrique Dubugras - brex.com