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Tuesday, Sep 25
10:00am — 11:30am
INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd)
358 attending

Blockchain from the Ground up with Industry Experts

Blockchain has become a buzzword around the world; why? We invite you to learn the basics about this and related technologies by interacting with our panel of blockchain pioneers and industry experts. You will deepen your understanding of:

  • Industry jargon
  • What’s behind the hype
  • Use cases beyond cryptocurrency
  • The technology landscape
  • How you and your businesses can benefit from them

Get connected with the explosively growing local blockchain community and join the movement to make Colorado the center for excellence and innovation in this exciting new field!

Presentation Slides for your reference

NOTE: Parking is extremely limited! The venue highly suggests public transport to come join us, or to park a bit off site and walk in if the parking garage is (and likely will be) full

Your panelists:

Dan Shields

A studied blockchain and cryptocurrency expert and evangelist that hosts and supports meetups with 2000+ members with the goal of educating and expanding the local blockchain community. He is committed to empowering people and promoting the use of technology for social impact. Everyone is more than welcome to join the Colorado Blockchain community!

Coury Ditch

Co-organizer of the Ethereum Denver Meetup, Rocky Mountain Blockchain Meetup, and ETHDenver Hackathon. Lead Architect at Opolis. Creator and Maintainer of elm-web3, and open source library to connect Ethereum with Elm, a statically typed functional programming language for the front end. Coury is a big FP advocate, as he believes good software should be maintainable, extensible, and as bug free as possible - and most of all, a joy to write. He believes blockchain technologies have an inherent need for safety and correctness due to it’s immutability and high-stake nature.

Jordan Murphy

Founder & CEO of Pioneer Data Mining, LLC. A third generation precious metals miner that is applying traditional, sustainable business practices to mining the blockchain. His company is the largest proposed 100% sustainable Bitcoin mine in the state of Colorado. He has extensive knowledge pertaining to mining most blockchains, including the use of hardware from CPU's to ASIC's. Blockchain is his passion and sees its potential to drive a safer, faster and more sustainable future for every person on the planet. A topic expert in various mining methods methods to mine sustainably on a large scale.

Cameron Schorg

Also known as “The Bitcoin Guy” to many at the University of Iowa, was recently named 1 of 15 “People to Watch in 2018" by the Des Moines Register. The last 5 years of his life have been devoted to evangelizing and harnessing the disruptive nature of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the Blockchain. As a pioneer, he launched an exchange startup at the age of 16, organized grassroots movements at more than 75 Universities worldwide, and works with some of the world’s most prominent blockchain companies. He is currently leading community and business development at Flux, a distributed network for environmental data collection, storage, and intelligence. Schorg is regularly featured as a subject expert at FinTech industry events, educational seminars, media coverages, and frequently consults companies and individuals. His relentless devotion stems from the will to eliminate us all from economic slavery, truly democratize the world’s markets, and push humanity into an age of abundance.

Matt McClintock

Founding partner of Evergreen Legacy Planning, LLP , a national law firm based in Evergreen, Colorado. He helps entrepreneurs and affluent individuals and families manage their affairs privately in protective, tax-efficient structures. Focuses on complex planning issues for business owners in disruptive industries, implementing creative legal solutions to maximize protection and privacy, and minimize tax liability. Admitted to practice law in Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska, and is available for co-counsel with other attorneys. Has done extensive public speaking, teaching, and writing on legal matters concerning estate planning, taxation, asset protection, trust administration, multijurisdictional trust design, and other creative legal strategies.
Serves on Colorado Blockchain Council

John Paller

Almost 20 years in the HR Tech, Employment & Talent Acquisiton space. Awarded 2014 Denver Business Journal “40 under 40”.
Founder of Opolis, an Ethereum based protocol for the future of decentralized employment organizations. DEO’s give the individual worker control over their employment while offering safety & stability of working for a corporation. Founder of the ETHDenver #buidlathon (fka hackathon) - 1500 people from 23 countries, 31 US States & 58 International Sponsors collaborated to #buidl 170 projects and awarding over $80K in incentives.