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Wednesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 3:30pm
351 attending

How Can Blockchain Help My Non-Crypto Startup?

We’ve all heard it, blockchain is the tech of the future that will eliminate third-party involvement (like banks) in financial transactions. But it has so much more potential than that -- performing a secure function within virtually any industry. Our panel of experts talks about how their companies thrive on blockchain and what it took to get them there.

Aari Lotfipour - CEO of Jalapeno Inventive
Jason Hargreaves - CMO of Jalapeno Inventive.
Michael Green - Boulder Blockchain Organizer and Owner of Pack n' Puff

Aari Lotfipour, CEO of Jalapeño Inventive. He is a leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Northern Colorado and will offer great insight and smart questions to this panel.

Industry RiNo Station

3858 Walnut St

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