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Tuesday, Sep 25
12:00pm — 1:30pm
WeWork Triangle Building
641 attending

How AI & Machine Learning Are Disrupting Billion-Dollar Industries

This will be an in-depth discussion on how AI and Machine Learning are being used by Colorado-based companies to radically change some of the biggest industries across the US. Panelists will include tech leaders from well-funded startups who provide specific examples about the industry they're addressing and the technology they're using to disrupt it. People who attend the discussion will gain valuable insight into the specific technology of each company and hear the trials/triumphs of challenging massive industries.

Solomon White, API and Computer Vision Lead at Blinker
Rich Hofer, Founder of dialect.ai
Charley Frazier, Manager of Machine Learning at Ibotta
Goran Rauker, Computer Vision / Machine Learning Specialist at GoSpotCheck