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Wednesday, Sep 17
8:00am — 9:00am
INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd)
313 attending

Mentorship 3.0: a panel discussion on the future of startup mentoring.

How will effective startup communities support entrepreneurs in the future?

We are entering a new era where entire communities will begin to figure out how to support all of their startups at scale. In 2006, Techstars re­invented the interaction model between “mentors” and startups. While successful, this model is inherently exclusive — roughly 1% of the applying companies are accepted.

Mentorship 3.0 aims to turn this model inside out by putting each entrepreneur at the center of their mentor universe. With zero barriers to participate and low search costs to find mentors, what progress can we collectively unlock?

Come ready to interact in a lively discussion on topics like:

  • Mentors’ motivations
  • Differentiating between a great mentor and a good one
  • Mentors’ reputations
  • Obstacles to scaling traditional mentorship
  • Proactively limiting mentors’ time commitments
  • Is mentoring an inherently messy human interaction that should forever be exactly that?
  • Assume Mentorship 3.0 is real and it worked, what would that unlock for entrepreneurship communities?

An outstanding panel of experts will lead us in a discussion. Our panelists are: Peter Adams, Remy Arteaga, Mike Freeman, David Gold, and Tom Higley.