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Wednesday, Sep 26
10:00am — 11:30am
Shift Workspaces Bannock
87 attending

Is Your Batch Jealous of My Stream?

Data Lakes and Data Streams can both be catered to accommodate different data types. But, when do you use batch processing? When do you use faster paced micro-batching? When do you analyze, within milliseconds, directly from a data stream? What is the difference between a micro-batch and a data stream? How do you go about implementing a data stream?
The data landscape is changing with streaming becoming more popular and attainable for all companies. This session will clarify the nuances between different methods of ingesting and analyzing data, de-bunk many myths, and discuss best practices for streaming across emerging use cases.

Carter Saunders is a Data Engineer at Slalom Consulting with 7 years of experience in data engineering. She holds a AWS Big Data Specialty Certification and a AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. She is passionate about data transformation and data driven decisions. Matt Wheeler is Data Scientist at Slalom Consulting with a passion for visualization. He holds a AWS Solution Architect Associate certification. He is always looking for better ways to process data for impactful analytics."