2018 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 25
8:00am — 9:30am
Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis (CAVEA)
200 attending

Using DevOps to Be Faster and Better

DevOps looks great on companies with huge resources like Google or Spotify. What does it look like for a startup? Time to market is often seen as the holy grail of developing products. This can lead us to try to cut corners in able to get there first. This doesn’t actually work. In most cases, these cut corners cause more significant delays and crappy products. We will explore the modern mechanisms to be able to reach real value more quickly by eliminating churn, rework, and error-prone software.

Steve Ropa and Joe Gee are co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Programmers Guild, where they help software organizations add to their capabilities, smooth out their delivery, and grow their technical talent to tackle the challenges of the constantly evolving field. They have long experience coaching, leading, and mentoring programmers and delivering software projects.

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