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Wednesday, Sep 27
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Sculpture Park Terrace at Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business
212 attending

Is Denver the New Tech Frontier?

Jim Deters, Founder & Chairman, Galvanize
Tami Door, President & CEO, Downtown Denver Partnership
Jayne Ford, Head of Talent, RevelOne
Troy Guard, Chef | Owner, TAG Restaurant Group
Kirk Holland, Managing Director, Access Venture Partners
David Levin, President & CEO, Four Winds Interactive
Harris Morris, CEO & Chairman, Wazee Digital
Kyle Zeppelin, President, Zeppelin Development

A lot has been written regarding the Denver area’s ability to be “the next major tech mecca.” Will this really come to pass? Is it even possible? Why should we care? If we want this to happen, what can we do now to increase the odds, or what must we do to avoid becoming the next also-ran? We will take stock of Denver-Boulder-DTC-Springs ‘Assets and Liabilities’ – the things that make it likely that the world’s great technologies can come from here, and the things that might cut off our growth at the knees. And, we will discuss why and whether this is worth pursuing: why it is not a PR ploy or an ego trip, but how an inclusive, engaged, vibrant tech community can enhance the chances of success, growth, fun, and wealth for all of us.

This session will have several dynamic co-presenters including professionals in technology, venture capital, hospitality, education, development, recruitment, and restaurant industries making this a lively, provocative session. Passionate about Denver, we have chosen a topic that we feel is seminal and timely, as the Denver tech community and organizations like DDP and DSW contemplate how we as a community harness growth for the benefit of current and future entrepreneurs, manage that growth without being overwhelmed by it, and stimulate and select the right kind of growth going forward. This session will be interactive, thought-provoking, and fun. The presenters will be brought, one by one, into an ongoing and building conversation that allows them to share their beliefs and unique expertise, as well as to be provocative and insightful.

This session is not a panel or forum. But rather a conversation – and a bit of a dog and pony show, if you will. It will be filled with useful and accessible data yet also colorful stories and anecdotes, presented by engaging presenters in an interactive style. Anyone - seasoned Founder or newbie to tech, Denver mainstay or recent California refugee, should find this session relevant. It should also help ALL of us find a few things to believe in and support that will enhance the likelihood that we can continue to build a vibrant, thriving tech community for decades to come. Finally, while we call it a tech hub, we will touch on MANY aspects of life that are supported by and benefit from this tech leadership both directly and indirectly. Specifically, we will touch on ramifications for three groups: tech - the technologists themselves and the capitalists that fund them; talent - traditional and new education, plus executive recruitment; and lifestyle – the restaurant and hospitality sectors, plus infrastructure and city planning.