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Thursday, Sep 28
8:00am — 9:30am
General Assembly (Classroom 1)
116 attending

Startup.Coop: How to Build a Real Sharing Economy through Shared Ownership

Around the world, the "platform co-op" movement is bringing cooperative business models—sharing ownership and governance among workers or users—to the online economy. It's a way to build sustainable, transformative companies that are ultimately accountable not to short-term profits but to the people who drive company innovation or who depend on the platforms most. Hear from leaders in this fast-growing ecosystem about how you can get involved and how recent state legislation has made it easier than ever for Colorado tech companies to implement this model.

Nathan Schneider, scholar in residence of media studies, University of Colorado Boulder and editor of Ours to Hack and to Own
Halisi Vinson, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center

Hosted by: CU Boulder's College of Media, Communication, and Information