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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Polsinelli - Longs Peak
65 attending

From Start to Exit: Why a License-Ready Strategy = Success

From the very early on in the startup life cycle, high on the mind of a founder is his or her funding and exit strategies. In many cases, a successful exit is contingent upon the solid foundation that a well-thought-out intellectual property (IP) portfolio affords. In addition to supporting a strong exit, an IP platform that enables effective licensing can provide VCs with the evidence they need to jump on board. This presentation will bring together experts on IP, funding and exits to reflect on why startups with license-ready strategies may be more likely to succeed.

Moderator: Molly Kocialski, Regional Director of the USPTO

Marta Zgagacz, Licensing Manager at the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Colorado Boulder
Marta earned her B.S. degree in Physics from Rutgers University and her M.S. degree in Physics from Purdue University. As licensing manager, Marta negotiates licensing and option agreements for the University of Colorado. Marta co-founded and developed FuturaGene, a university spin-off that went public on AIM in London and was ultimately sold to Suzano. She also worked for D-Helix, another biotech startup based on technologies licensed from several universities around the world.

Bart Foster, Chairman of ReVision Solutions
Bart attended the University of Florida and University of Phoenix. Bart is the founder and chairman of ReVision Solution, which is a research and development company focused on diverting manufactured waste, specifically polycarbonate waste from manufacturing eyeglasses, from landfills. Bart has worked for Kellogg, Peachtree Network, Novartis as national account director, president of Giaiam, and founding CEO of SoloHealth (now Pursuant Health).

Kristin Gray, Technology Transfer Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Kristin attended Connecticut College. She has worked for as the technology transfer Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for almost five years. Prior to NREL, Kristin has working as at the technology transfer office at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Arrelaine Dameron, Director of Research and Development at Forge Nano

Arrelaine attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and Penn State University. As director for R&D, Arrelaine manages existing R&D projects, handles customer requests, and explores research directions and funding opportunities for Forge Nano. She has also worked at University of Colorado-Boulder and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.