2017 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 1:30pm
INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd)
773 attending

How to get the most out of Google Analytics

Make smarter business decisions by leveraging your site's user data. We will start by going over ways to clean up dirty data, set up advanced tracking for complicated KPIs, and ultimately to increase ROI through the use of data. We will cover advanced tracking options along with implementation (on-site call tracking, event tracking, Google Tag Manager). Whether you are an e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, b2b, or b2c company, we'll show you ways to get more out of your data. Overall, we want to enable startups to make the right decisions for their businesses, based on data and as fast as possible. Speaker will be Nico Brooks, a Principal at Two Octobers.