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Friday, Sep 29
8:00am — 9:30am
231 attending

Natural Foods 3-O-3

Our session will be called “Natural Foods 3-O-3”. We’ve compiled a group of industry veterans that will discuss the important must-haves needed to succeed as a Natural Foods startup. The panel will be made up of established CEOs, distributors, brokers and VPs of Sales, Marketing and Operations. Our panel will help create a road map for budding entrepreneurs on what the first and next steps are; from production, to distribution straight through to marketing your brand. Our experts will share their insights on the 3 largest “dos and donts” they’ve learned. This will be followed by a “road-mapping” (live consulting) segment for 1 lucky startup willing to participate. This lucky company will also win a free consulting package from CFW members.

In addition, Colorado Food Works will facilitate 2-3 tents at the farmers market on the opening day. We’ll bring together our family of vendors to sample out their products and also showcase Colorado Food Works’ value to Denver’s startup community.

Location TBA

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