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Monday, Sep 25
2:00pm — 3:30pm
342 attending

Ag in the City: The Business Behind City-Grown Food

Join leaders from agriculture and AgTech start-ups (including the state’s only edible insect ranch), City and County of Denver food systems planning, non-profits and a chef who are working on the business behind raising food in the cities where we live and eat. Come to learn and share your perspective about how agriculture and AgTech can drive healthier food and economic systems for more people living in cities.


• Moderator: Nate Reyher, Host, Milehigh Locavorist Podcast
• Kathleen M. Cronan, Executive Director, EarthLinks, Inc.
• Blake Angelo, Manager of Food System Development, Office of Economic Development, City and County of Denver
• Buck Adams, Founder/Executive Director, Veterans to Farmers
• Jake Olson, Founder/Farmer, Rebel Farms
• Wendy Lu McGill, Founder/CEO, Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch
• Daniel Asher, Founder/Executive Chef, River & Woods Restaurant
• David "Moose" Moosman, Founder/CEO. To Market

Location TBA

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