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Wednesday, Sep 27
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Ale House at Amato's
96 attending

Problems into Products: kicking challenges one day at a time!

Join April Archer (CEO – SaraBella Fishing) and Karen W. Hertz (Chief Brewista – Holidaily Brewing Co.) to hear what it takes to turn difficult situations into something positive….as positive as beer and fishing! April and Karen played competitive soccer together as teenagers, and now they celebrate each others’ successes in business and in life! Karen and April have each endured tough times, they’ve learned that challenges can lead to opportunities, and they love to have fun along the way. They will share what they learned from their soccer experience and how it connects to startup business. As Colorado natives, mothers of daughters, daughters of science-minded parents, lovers of life, these ladies are brave enough to turn problems into products….fly rods and beer!