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Wednesday, Sep 27
10:00am — 11:30am
The Garage
384 attending

Got an idea, What next? Come talk with those who have done it.

Have you come up with the next million dollar idea? What next? And after that? Do you need a patent, should you go the licensing route, produce the product yourself, or even quit while you are ahead. All are tough paths - we are here to help.

Come talk with a panel of physical product CEOs who are producing their product:

  • Brice Woodlock - Flat Funnel - moderator
  • Jeff Clegg - Slanket - panelist
  • Charles Mason - Clingless - panelist
  • Steven Sashen - XERO Shoes - panelist
  • Andrew Klein - Studio ESEE - panelist
  • Larry Spivack - My Carry Well - panelist

We will give a brief description of how the CEOs have brought their product to life. Panelists will consist of people who are selling and marketing their product. Lessons learned will be shared. Time will be set aside for questions from the audience.