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Thursday, Sep 28
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Track Architecture
431 attending

Upcycling Shipping Containers - Tiny homes, agile housing, and modified container solutions

Let's make stuff out of shipping containers - they're basically big steel Legos!

The idea of upcycling shipping containers is not new (see Christchurch, NZ, Haiti, and pretty much all of Europe), and we're seeing a rise in utilizing containers in a multitude of construction projects and modified container solutions here in the States. From vertical farming, to intelligent beehives, to mobile container bars, to creative coffee shops, to compact modular biomass-to-energy gasification systems, to sustainable living barracks, to affordable housing solutions - the adoption of shipping containers as a sustainable building solution is here and it's rad!

What would you make out of a shipping container?

This panel brings together the foremost experts in shipping container innovation in Colorado including representatives from:

Overcon Containers - Anthony Halsch
Track Architecture - Mike Nulty & Patrick ​McMichael
Stackhouse - Janelle Briggs & Ryan Egan
Tradecraft Industries - Bryce Bellow
Corvus Design Build - Sam Fletcher
HTBX - John Mc

We'll reveal the secrets of working with shipping containers, how to modify a container, and how to utilize containers in your next project. We'll also discuss the benefits and risks of upcycling shipping containers, innovative modified container concepts, and affordable housing solutions utilizing containers.

**We will be serving free refreshments out of a mobile modified container bar - The BeerCan by RoxBoxMods... Stick around after the talk to get a little loose!

Shout out to the following helping us with this party:

Red Bull
Trach Architecture
Joyride Brewing