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Thursday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 2:00pm
Turing School
220 attending

Virtual Reality at Scale - VR anyone can create, with Dario Laverde (powered by Google Developer Group Denver)

Two years ago Dario (HTC Vive, New York City) came to Denver Startup Week with a prototype room scale Virtual Reality system that dozens of Startup Week participants experienced through Google Developer Group Denver.

Welcome him back to reflect on what has passed these past two years, and how now--even without coding--almost anyone can CREATE a VR room scale experience.

He will talk about Unity and plugins that allow prototype VR room scale experiences to be made by novices in under an hour.

Common pitfalls and mistakes will be highlighted in this fascinating talk that will conclude with a panel discussion facilitated by the organizer of Google Developer Group Denver.

Dario is a senior developer evangelist at HTC in New York City. He has 20+ years experience in software development with VR, mobile, embedded, Web and enterprise. Among his various professional roles he has worked as an Android instructor, advisor, consultant, architect, author and entrepreneur.