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Wednesday, Sep 14
3:30pm — 5:00pm
39 attending

11 Minutes in Heaven: Romancing Your Infrastructure

You've started a business, everything's going smashingly- congratulations. Now it's time to grow, but what kind of people can help you with your next steps?

Bonanno Concepts is offering up its key team for your questions. In this fast-paced, speed-dating style forum you have 11 minutes for one-on-one with: a CFO, Creative Director, COO, Choreographer of Marketing Initiatives and Operating Partner. How do you bring your professional skills offsite? Is it time for a financial director? Will you need a partner to help manage your growth? And how does that work? Bring your questions, but think fast. You have only a couple minutes to fire away. DSW food and drink specials follow session.

Strictly limited to 30 people. First come, first serve.

Hosted by: Bonanno Concepts


Location TBA

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