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Wednesday, Sep 14
8:00am — 9:30am
Location TBA
139 attending

Magnet Tech Sectors of Denver

The most important tech sector in Denver is...

Startup champions pump their chests for their specific industry sector in order to attract funding, talent, and collaborative partnerships.  Well let's hear from these representatives on why their industry has the most promise. Or maybe we will just learn what the latest developments are.

Ed Tech -- Schoolrunner, Charlie Coglianese
Health tech -- Dispatch Health, Kevin Riddleburg
Space tech -- York Space Systems, Dirk Wallinger
Adtech -- SpotX, Kristin Williams
IoT -- Cable Labs, Ken Fricklas
Fintech -- Dobot, John Longley
Geotech -- FATMAP, Matt Doyle
Cannatech -- MassRoots, Stuart Fortier
REtech -- Apto, Tanner McGraw